Select Work 2009 - 2011

Big Problem
Lessons From Life
Chronology of the Pimp Dog
Pimp Dog with Mustard Medallion, Ketchup, Bun Coat, and Relish
sketchbook study for Mr. Big Mouth
Mr. Big Mouth
The Gladhander
Grumpy Pink Wizard
Impossible Love
The Pizza Chef
Very Alarming News From the Chicken
Peaceful Dreamer
Blue Eyes
Chicken Head
Crude Head with Pink Zippermouth
Family Fiasco with Chicken
Perplexed Green Dude with a Fashionable Coat
detail of Perplexed Green Dude with a Fashionable Green Coat
Happy Family
detail of Happy Family
Bead Brain and His Tiny Associate
Red Spike
Psychotic Green Runner with Spectators
detail of the Psychotic Green Runner
The Green Genius
Dude That Wishes He Wasn't So Complex
Blue Muscle Man
Bead Brain
Red Grimace Head
Fiesta Head with a Sparkly Hat
The Two Grandpas
Rasta Man
Assorted Sculptures with Oh No! Heads and Spikes
Red Ouch
The Wayward Cheetoe
The Odd Couple
They Had Twins
You Are My Puppet
Bizarre Head with Assorted Neural Units and Beaded Mess
Fierce Head with Fabulous Beaded Hat
Mr. Screamin' Bluehead Gets a Diaper

Line Drawings

Screaming Mouths
Untitled Drawing

Early Ceramic Sculpture 2011

Mr. Purple
My Blue Heaven