Mental States

Exhibit at Art For The People Gallery

Installation view at Art For The People Gallery February 16 - March 27
Installation view at Art For The People Gallery
Man Running, glass sculpture installation
Woman of Leisure and Tricky Question (right)
Gallery view
Man Running
Girl Standing
Girl Standing detail
Safety First
Safety First detail
The Thinker (front view)
Chronology (detail of Mr. Screamin' Bluehead)
Daily Troubles
Spectrum (on left back wall)
Flameworked glass, wood, copper, seed beads, portrait murrini
16 x 20 x 3"
detail of landscape

Mental States - Installation of Glass Effigy Sculptures

Mental States Installation
flameworked glass
Mental States installation detail
Memory and Mental Clutter
Really Excited Turquoise Dude with a Partial Memory
Abstract Head with Ocular Upgrade and Auxiliary Neural Units and The Beatnik
Existential Chicken Man
Pink Dot with Creative Purple Sparkle
Mindbender (front and side views)
Lucid Dreamer with Lavender Hue
Crazy Baby Momma and Crazy Baby Daddy
Intensely Frazzled Orange Guy with a Fashionable Beaded Hat
Gone Fishing Forever
Thinking of You
Mother and Child with Warped Reality
Slight and Constant Pressure
Underwater Visions
To Hear and Feel Music
Psychotic Red Dude with Serious Chicken Problem
Mr. Sunshine BeadBrain
sculptures with Mr. Groovy Chicken Yolk and the Angry Dough Ball