Select Work 2012-2015

Installation of Glass Sculptures from the Effigy Series
Chicken of the Apocalypse
The Multitasker
Big Streaker from the Beautiful Day Series
Another Beautiful Day
Effigy of Mental Clutter and Exhaustion
Mother and Child
Army Man with Parasitic Talking Memory
Daily Troubles
Beautiful Room
Tricky Question
Memory and Magnification
Effigy of Mental Clutter and Confusion
detail of Perspectives
Where Are We Going?
The Thinker
Karen with Bluehead sculpture at Canopy Studio
Mr. Screamin' Bluehead
detail of installation with Oh No! sculpture
fantastical sculptures with pedestals
two anxious sculptures
Slight and Constant Pressure
Thinker Girl with Fiesta Cat
Psycho Cheezit and Bead Brain
My Blue Heaven
Man with Crystal Nebula
sculpture group with Violet Aurora
Urban Chicken
His Memories
Grumpy Wasabi Drop with Neural Rings and Wasabi Monster
Mad Scientist
The Anatomy of Mr. Okey Dokey
detail of The Anatomy of Mr. Okey Dokey
closer detail of The Anatomy of Mr. Okey Dokey
Groovy Dude and the Dream Worm
Screaming Red Bubble Head
Crazy Time
Hip Hop Cubicle Man
detail of Hip Hop Cubicle Man and beaded cap
Gone Fishing
(with Peanut Gallery coworkers)
detail of Gone Fishing
Larry the Leucocyte
Mr. Messy Greenbrain
Mr. Chickenhead
Daddy Tries to Keep His Cool
El Ganador
Chaos in Red
detail of figure from Garden of Confusion and Delight
Ninja vs. Pack of Wild Chickens
Perspectives at Night
Strange Day
Fiesta Man Loves His Raspberry Baby
Eye Rider
Melancholy Blue Woman Dude
Baby Mammas
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